From Corporate Marketing to Loud Blonde - Meet Kelly Cochran


Welcome to Episode 018 of Corporate School Dropout, an interview with Kelly Cochran.


Kelly began her full-time entrepreneurial journey after a round of corporate layoffs; she took full advantage of the newfound freedom and hit the ground running. She took inspiration from podcasts and other entrepreneurs and wasn’t worried about the fate of her success. Kelly used her natural talents and launch Loud Blonde, a marketing company for female entrepreneurs to find their authentic voice and build a bold presence online. Her first book, LOUD will be out in September 2019 and definitely on the must-read list. Kelly’s interview is fun and lively. We dive into our first jobs out of college, losing friends, binging Netflix, and how we continue to grow and change as our businesses grow. I know you’ll love this episode!

In this episode:

Kelly’s Dropout Story

2:35 - Give us an overview of your corporate experience, what were you doing and how long were you there?

8:40 - What led you to dropout and start your business Loud Blonde?

23:35 - What are some things you’ve learned along the way?

26:34 - Can you describe what is a mastermind?

31:15 - What’s a holistic view of the change you have experienced?

39:05 - What’s the process you took to write your book?

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More about Kelly:

Kelly Cochran is the unapologetic writer, speaker, and CEO of Loud Blonde, a marketing company helping female entrepreneurs bring bold businesses to life online. Kelly is passionate about encouraging women to listen to their instincts and speak their truth at the highest volume. Her hold-no-punches attitude sheds refreshing light on subjects most women are dying to—but too fearful to—talk about. Kelly is also the author of LOUD: Silence Your Critics & Turn Up the Volume on Your Life, a hilarious self-help book for any woman dying to ditch the doubt and tune into her own inner voice once and for all. Learn more about Kelly and sign up for her witty ramblings at

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